The successful uptake of EVs involves an ecosystem of different players including:

  • Informed people who able and willing to purchase EVs, new or used
  • New and used cars available for sale within a reasonable distance
  • Charge points available in locations suitable for daily travel and longer journeys
  • Garages that can carry out EV servicing and repairs within a reasonable distance

The more of these components of the ecosystem that are in place locally, the more effective the uptake of EVs is likely to be.

New and second hand vehicles are available through main dealerships, and some independent garages may stock EVs. The standard marketplaces such as Autotrader and S1 Cars will also have them. However, a space for independent second-hand EV sales specialists such as EcoCars in Orkney is also likely to help grow the number of EVs. Anecdotally, their presence has been partly responsible for the boom in EV uptake – according to the Department of Transport, Orkney has one of the highest proportion of EVs per head of population in Scotland.

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