Owning Chargers – Income for Communities?


Most chargers on the ChargePlace Scotland network are free to use, whereas privately owned chargers tend not to be. However, it is unlikely that charger owners will provide free EV charging indefinitely – as more people buy EVs, charger usage and hence the cost of electricity will rise accordingly, making the provision of free electricity by owners such as Local Authorities difficult to justify.

As the playing field becomes levelled when paid charging becoming standard practice, this increases the potential for communities to benefit by owning chargers and receiving income.

The business case for community-owned chargers will depend on a number of factors including size of charger, the cost to connect it to the electricity grid, the frequency of use and the amount that customers pay to use them.

Further (“secondary”) income may be realised if people spend money in a local facility (e.g. community café) while the vehicle is being charged – it is therefore important that charge duration (“dwell time”) is compatible with the amount of time an EV user is likely to spend in such a facility.

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