Electric vehicles for individuals

Case study

The practicalities of owning an electric vehicle. Rona Mackay's story.

I really enjoy driving my Nissan Leaf. I bought it second hand and it’s 5 years old now. It has made a big difference to us cost-wise as our house is quite far from the main village so I drive about 30 miles a day from home to school pickups and work. We have saved money since swapping our petrol car (which did 49mpg) for a Nissan Leaf.

There’s plenty of space in the boot for a pram and everything I need for a day out and about. I plug in at home overnight or at the gym or swimming pool, which is currently free to use. It took a week to get used to plugging in at home but after forgetting a couple of times it’s now second nature. I think I’m a better driver now too as it encourages you to drive economically to conserve the miles, which in-turn saves me even more money. I wouldn’t go back to a diesel or petrol car now. My EV is fun to drive, punchy and has lots of small benefits I enjoy daily – such as the lack of fumes when parking it in the garage!


Journey Planning for EVs

Vehicle range can seem like barrier to EV uptake. However, statistics from Transport Scotland show that the average journey by car in Scotland is less than 15 miles.


Vehicle Sharing

Vehicle sharing provide a cheaper alternative than vehicle ownership, and can enable access to independent transport to people who may not otherwise be able to afford it.

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